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tiny moon - static schlock, vol. 1 (self-released)

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Unsurprisingly, a masterpiece

by Underketing


Well, we've been waiting for this album to come. Tiny moon, who, actually, mutated from a one-man-band, exploding sounds with lo-fi guitar anthems, to a now complete rock configuration, with bass, drums, guitar and voices, and you may remember how we noticed its 2020 release "Julius", which was, at the time at we wrote it but it's still valid now, a release that would be among their '20 favourite for many. To sum up, we awaited much from the band, and, all I can say is that "static schlock, vol 1" is pursuing the good way, and that the reason why tiny moon is such an important band in nowadays' world are still valid while they continue to work.

First off, the first thing that came to me about this album, is the innocence and energy of late 70's/early 80's punk/pop scene for the UK. The same evidence in the sound, the same clarity in the sentiment. Like, you know, The Undertones, The Jam, "Baby baby" by the Vibrators, the art of writing perfect killer punky pop tracks... But, with, in our case, an extra touch of sadness and nostalgia that wasn't the one of the 77 punk era. This, is especially noticeable in the vocal performing, with tiny moon always putting the listener on the razor edge, with his vocal performance that may be considered neglected or "natural", like people used to say about Kurt Cobain or Beck in the far past.

The second thing that came to my mind while listening to the release, is, damn, that thing reminds me Frank Black's solo career in the late 90's! The same approach of crafting sublime pieces of architectural sounds, with punchy guitar attacks through various riffs, all of this leading the listener toward the way to the end of the song and, well, these songs require some listens. I've been listing a few times for the whole albums and I know I will have to listen to it many more times to fully enjoy the piece.

Finally, we weren't deceived by this new opus, which has much potential for taking a reoccurring place in someone's listening habits! The only problem with this album is that it ends too fast. Give a listen to it today and enjoy it.
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