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Панк Фракция Красных Бригад - Песни для Маргериты Кагол (2014) (self-released)

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Excellent album

by Underketing


Hi there,

You may - or may not- know that I'm a damn lazy guy. I don't write much music reviews. I don't work much on my webradio. I keep on recording music but even for this I'm not that much efficient. But actually if you're reading this we're here to talk about music reviews, right ? If you can remember the leitmotiv in my music review writing was to spread the world about excellent albums only... I don't have time to waste to talk about average records. If I start typing you can be sure that I'm talking about a release that will *change your life forever* and I'm not kidding.

I haven't been writing much these past years, then, but actually sometimes there's a record that crosses my path and for which remaining silent would be a crime. I just cannot shut my mouth. I have to write. Yeah, yeah, you guessed, we're today talking about a masterpiece!

Back in the past years when my reviewing activities were more constant, labels used to tell me about their releases, which was great, because I could get my hands on awesome albums that flowed to me without lifting a finger. It was a golden age, but gone for good I think... Just because I got so lazy and am now longer writing much... But sometimes -it's quite rare but it happens- I got a friend of mine sharing a good release... And even more rarely, this release is so, so good that I have no other choice than to write here about it.

This happened recently. This happened with Песни для Маргериты Кагол (2014), that you can download for free on this popular music publishing platform by following the above link. And if I were you, I wouldn't wait much. Just because, because, you know, there's lot of music published on every minute in nowadays' hyper-connected world... It's hard to sort this all. Count on me. I'm here to speak about an album that is far, far, far above average. An album that, I think, I'll be keeping on listening to for years. An album that I'll play each time a friend come to my flat to meet me. To sum up, a gem. Admitting your musical taste are similar to mine (and if you're reading this, chance are high for such a thing), you will enjoy it as much as I do.

I didn't do any search about the band. The page says "Moscow". The name, as far as I know, is in Russian. But actually we're talking about a band that, I bet, obsessively weared out the best bands of the 77 punk scene records. Think of, for a light part, Sham 69. For a huge part, The Undertones, but for a less poppy, more straightforward rock tone. It's known land, but creative, introducing something new. It's, simply, excellent.

First off, the vocals are very expressive, emotional, that what struck me first. Exceptionally transmitting some kind of highly moving mood, it is undoubtedly a good point for the release. But also, the guitar chord lines are simply excellent, the song-writing is of an outstanding quality. The album is quite coloured, with variety, you'll never get bored while listening to it. As I said, it's the kind of release that can be by your side for years. It's an extremely rich mixture and you can be sure that you'll find interesting things in the composition listen after listen.

I talked bout the guitar chords, that are, definitively, very good, but the solo part of the guitar play is also very interesting, just like Mike Jones' ones in the first epoch of The Clash career. They are really adding something to the songs, being short, efficient and, hum, devastating.

Another point I noticed is the exceptional overall quality of the bass lines. They are adding some melodic twists very pleasant. Remember the best moment of "Revolver Junky" of Thee Michelle Guns Elephant ? When the bass player starts adding some melodic elements to the song, rocking as hell ? Well, on this release, this is such bass lines all the time.

Talking about the drums... Well, this is the sole point I regret a bit... The drums are so good, and well recorded, the snare is perfect but... If I had been the producer, I would have added a bit more of kick sub-bass frequencies in the mix. This is a minor point. The drums are punchy, very punchy, and...

I think we got a very rare alchemy of outstanding performers on this release. We, as an audience, are quite lucky that these musicians met and recorded such a good release ; don't hesitate and scroll back to the top of this paper. Click on the link, download the release -it's free- and let it change your life's soundtrack forever.

Many thanks for the hacking ninja who passed me the address of this album. This person isn't sharing much music links with friends but actually if each time it has to be done, this is to spread the word about such gems, I'll keep on clicking.

Score for this review: 28 vote up down

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