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Panda Kid - Summetry (self-released)

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Meta: 164.66666666667

[garage] [noisepop] [garagepop] [rock]

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Excellent, outstanding release

by Underketing


You can get this record from the band, at the address pandakid.bandcamp.com.

Things seemed simple, at the first sight. I could have wrote "Panda Kid, in its usual quality 60's influenced, lofi garage pop, released a new album but actually, they weren't able to get an instant classic hit, like they did before with 'Junkie Girl', but it is nevertheless a high quality album".

Because, we all know (maybe you too) a junky girl that would be an awesome girl to get with.

But, hey, yeah, actually Panda Kid managed to get **another** instant classic on this record, which is, for sure, the "Summertry" song, with its rough beat and its rough guitars.

So then, I cannot write that Panda Kid didn't made again the famous trick used with "Junkie Girl". The "Summertry" song has it all !

You may know, I haven't been writing very much, recently. But two forthcoming albums were, which I couldn't decently sleep on, it was Panda Kid's one, for which I am writing currently, and No Monster Club's one, for which I may write soon.

Panda Kid melts the most interesting pieces of 60's surf and late 60's garage in an unique brew. Just take a poke and you'll be instantly seduced. I follow this band this they issued a split album with No Monster Club, and thanks to NMC's Bobby I didn't miss anything until now, and I should recommend to anyone to do the same.

Nowayday's scene is filled by bands that are simply boring, but actually there's noise alchemist that do what HAS TO BE DONE, and I'm just grateful. After listening to Summertry, that got available to me thank to PK's Al, I can say that nowaday's scene also include EXCELLENT bands that deserve to be heard more than once, with all the fuzz needed to be proudly put next to the first Stooges album.

I know, you people, you are maybe not in the review writing team, and you may not have access to free download as I do. Well, what can I say ? This album was issued as vinyl, but you probably can get mp3s for free when buying (but for this I am not sure) and anyway, nowadays there's folk playing


And you definitively go check, because most of today's production are so lame, and such and exception is notable enough to have you listening to it.
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