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tiny moon - Songs About Girls and Stuff (self-released)

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[lofi] [dreampop] [noisepop] [rock] [alternative]

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Mattering in History

by Underketing


2023 Aug EDIT: this review was written on May, 17th 2012. Since then this album went offline. Go check nevertheless, many more release came from tiny moon since.

Are you in a hurry ? There's no need to keep on reading. Instead of that, you can go to tiny moon's Bandcamp and stream the release for free, as well as to download it if you provide an email address.

The noise-pop tag on Bandcamp is a pretty much crowed one. There's pure marvels in it like this "Songs About Girls and Stuff". I was lucky, I found this album almost by mistake, but when listening to it, oh, well, I knew I was lucky. If you are coming here to read what I wrote from time to time, you maybe heard of Me In The Bath and No Monster Club. If you like Me In The Bath, or if you like No Monster Club, it is not sure you will like this album too. But if you like both Me In The Bath and No Monster Club, then you are very likely to appreciate this album a lot.

If you already heard about Me In The Bath and No Monster Club, you can imagine how this music project sounds. If not, think about a mix of psych garage surf, lo-fi influenced noise pop and atonal, more noisy music. This album is a very good one, deploying a broad range of song-writing approaches, for a various result, never boring. I've been lucky enough to meet this masterpiece, I have now to spread a little the word about it, just because there's many people around who could enjoy it.

This album has its own energy. You may want to refuel at it, or not. For me, it has been refreshing, astonishing, and to sum up, I knew I found one more music project that is, according to me, just perfect, the kind of projects I use to write about for Underketing.

This release is simply excellent. Broken synths, overdriven lead vocals and choirs, lofi guitar, sometime drums and bass, an subtle mix of melodic, well known and more strange, experimental keys, undoubtedly a great song-writing and production masterfulness, not talking about how intense is the performing, the conclusions arises by themselves : this is a gem. The kind of gem you can rely upon me to tell the world about. Simply, basically, a milestone in history of music. According to me, and if you came here, I can suppose you have a kind of interest for the kind of music that is featured here.

So, it's time for you to decide : either you are going to click on the link at the top of this paper and listen to this release, or not. In both case, thanks for reading, but if I were you I would take just a few time, just a very little, little piece of time - since the album doesn't have many songs, and they are not very long - and give this album a listen. You are about to encounter one of theses albums that are insanely great, the kind of release that will make you wonder why you didn't hear about it sooner.
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